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Eric Green

I would not use Canopy – it doesnt actually work. They have pursued me to do webinars for them. I did about a year ago and I taught for 2 hours with a case study and then they did the case study in the software. When we did the dry run their number was off. When we investigated I noticed it did not apply the local housing standard appropriately. After I raised this to them they called me and told me the software did not do that yet. Fast-forward now to Anaheim last month for NATP. Folks at the conference complained that it still did not apply the standards properly. That, plus they outright lie to you (you dont need any training juts rely on the software) strikes me as terrible advice. What do you say to the Offer specialist when they question your numbers? The software told me?
Use THS. I know the founders of all 4 software packages: Canopy, Pitbull, THS and IRS Solutions, and THS is far and away the best.
Just my opinion.