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Eric Green

Rachel, I would start by focusing on where you are and see how it shows up in the google results. For instance, I tend to hammer New Haven but I show up in the Hartford and Stamford searches because google knows that people looking in New Haven also will look in those other cities which are not far away.
As far as your area, one way to know how many people are in trouble is to contact a company about purchasing a lien list and see how many names they can come up with in your area. They usually will email and say they can generate a list of 150, 350, whatever number of names. That should give you a sense of the numbers in trouble in your area. If you have little competition it might make sense for you to actually buy the list (its a few hundred dollars) and send a letter “What to do if you cannot pay the taxes.” This is not a technique I have ever used but I tried the “how many names can you generate’ approach with a lien list company and they have a 600 name minimum order and they could not generate the 600 names. Connecticut is not a very big place either, yet we are swamped with work.