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Mary Jo Walker

Hi!My name is Mary Jo walker. I am an EA (since 1988) in CT – not far from Eric’s office. I have had a tax practice which has grown over the years. We have 2 EA’s and a CPA in the practice – along with admin and bookkeepers. We are doing more and more tax representation. I am comfortable and have been fairly successful with audits and most collection issues (get a little nervous when they are on the larger side!); I think I have my first appeal coming up (have to learn more about that). I have learned so much from Eric and his team – and it is comforting to know that TRN is here to support us and help us learn and grow. With this new tax law and the unknowns going forward I am looking forward to working with my team more on non filer and representation cases. I am quickly getting over the 1040 filers who think we overcharge! Mary Jo