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So I ran the experiment you suggested, Eric, and made a blog entry on Blogger on 12/31 and another one on 1/21 (yeah my consistency stunk). I had 0 views, and I didn’t show up anywhere on Google or my preferred search engine Duck, Duck, Go’s search engines.

Finally bit the bullet this afternoon and paid for an Active Rain subscription this afternoon, and posted the same blog post from Blogger over to ActiveRain around 1 pm. As of about 5 minutes ago when I did a search on Duck, Duck, Go for “IRS Tax Resolution Lufkin, TX” my blog post is in the first position on the results page!! *happy dance* Still no traction on Google, but I am thrilled to see I ranked on Duck, Duck, Go!

I already have two more blog posts primed and ready to post at a later date. đŸ˜€

I am a believer now, Eric!! Forgive me for ever doubting!