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Viliya Haanen

Hi Carl,

This probably is coming too little too late. As in anything in tax, it depends. Is he an independent owner operator(owns his rig and files a schedule C) or is he just a company driver? If an owner op, please make sure he is also aware of his Form 2290 compliance(both when he buys, keeps and sells his truck). Then you need to find out where he operates. There are special quarterly and in some cases yearly requirements for truck drivers if they go in and through NY,KY,KS,NM,OR. Some of these states even require a special permit or an assigned tax account before the quarterly tax returns can be filed, regardless of where his tax home is. Non compilers may be assessed hefty bonds in additions to penalties, suspending their CDL’s and etc.In addition to all of that IFTA(fuel tax) quarterly filings is not something to be disregarded by any means as it is closely related to his Annual IRP9(proportionate plates) registration, among other things.

If he is a company driver, it is important to make sure how he has been classified by his employer as often they are being wrongfully given a 1099 instead of a W-2. Unlike an owner op though he wouldn’t be left with much to deduct(though there are still many industry specific deductions that he can use if he has kept good records). If W-2 employee, issues may arise as many companies pay a minimal base rate per mile and add some cents for their per diem reimbursement if they are an over the road driver subject to DOT Regulations.It’s a bit of a grey area.

Either way log books are an essential record that a truck driver must keep, I suggest at least for 5 years.

Last but not least, pay special attention, the state of PA has new rules about truckers and trucking company and is getting everyone into their trap, so much so that they are now going after Freight Brokers to release the info of each company that has hauled a load in or through their state in order to collect allocated state income tax. PA is no joke and hard to deal with.

Truckers often sell or total their semi’s and don’t even know that may be due a refund under form 2290 in many of the cases.

I specialize in this tax niche in addition to helping truckers stay compliant with all of their permits, DOT and safety regulations. I hope you find this useful, if not for this client, may be for another one like him. If things get to specific and outside the scope of you practice, please feel free to reach out to me. We can work a ref feral out or I can help you out if it is just a short brief question.

Good luck!

Viliya Haanen
Extra Mile Tax & Business Solutions LLC
Burr Ridge IL 60527