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Hello All:

I am a new member, and I need advice on how to proceed on a new client who is a non-filter since 2013. I contacted the IRS and California FTB and asked for an extension. The IRS gives him until 10/24 to file all his tax returns. The FTB gives him until 10/11 to file. My client told me that he could pay all his back tax, interest, and penalty.

Here are the notices:

1) This new client received an IRS notice CP503 for the tax year 2014. The IRS assesses his tax due amount is $70K.

2) He also received another IRS notice CP22A and a California FTB 4601B Code Number 47 Demand for Tax Return for the tax year 2016. The IRS is asking him to pay $280K in tax for 2016. My client believes he owes probably half of the assessed amount.

3) I found out from the IRS that they were reviewing his 2013 tax. He has not received an audit notice by the IRS yet.

My question is which year should I file for him first?

What else I need to consider in this situation?

Thank you in advance for your help!