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Alfredo Robledo

I am a newbie also. I am currently working my first 3 cases. This may or may not be “according to Eric” but here are my thoughts.

Is there merit to preparing a honest 2008 tax return? Will part of the tax debt go away after itemized deductions, business expenses and exemptions? Consider preparing the 2008 return.

Next I would compute the reasonable expectation of collection figure — estimated. Get a quick handle options. If OIC is out of the questions let the people know. Then work to a installment agreement.

I think the path is the same for the State. I have NO experience working with state income tax. Here in Texas we do not have a State income tax. We are taxed on every move and breath we take. Property taxes, sales taxes, liquor taxes, gas taxes, going to the park taxes, hell you even have to pay a $5 tax for entry into a topless bar! Now that is not the worst I don’t know what is.

Goods luck to you. Give me a call if you want to kick an idea around. Look me up on the inter-thing googblely goo.

Alfredo Robledo — Grapevine TX