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Sandi Leyva

Hi Robert,

I don’t think it’s effective to change strategies after you have heard from one inexperienced person in the industry. However, I tend to take a holistic approach with marketing strategy. To me, the goal is how to bring in clients with the shortest learning curves for me (time) and the most cost-effective (money) without compromising prospect quality.

Key questions to ask yourself:

1. How can I leverage people who know me best to bring in clients? This means letting everyone you know understand what you do AND describing who would be a good client for you so they can help you look. People who already know you trump strangers every day of the week. It’s about shortening the time it takes to build trust.
Actions to take:
a. Sending a compelling email or mail to everyone you know, even acquaintances: current and past clients, friends, prospects who have signed up for something, social media connections, association/club/church connections, college/high school buddies/alums, etc.
b. Start to build resource centers – this is what I believe you are trying with the real estate.
2. What industries do you have some experience in? Go after those first because you should be able to get some testimonials to support your marketing.
3. What marketing methods do you fee most comfortable with? Use those before you spend time learning new ones.

If your current real estate campaign and the desire to niche meets the goals you want, then go for it. If you think there might be “lower hanging fruit” then other strategies might get you there faster.