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    Sheryl Cramer

    Are we supposed to get the 2nd edition books? I noticed they are available, but it is the older ones that download. Thanks!

    Sandi Leyva

    Hi Sheryl,

    You have access to the 2nd Editions in this portal https://taxreptoolbox.com/ Once you’re logged in go to My Items, Click the TRN Gold icon, and select Books from the left menu of dark blue buttons. The links to the second editions are available right there. You should have also gotten your print copies in December. Klemens can help you with the tracking number for the print books.

    If you’re still seeing the first editions, please supply a URL of the page you see those on so I can troubleshoot further.


    Sheryl Cramer

    Thank you Sandi.

    When I followed your instructions I was able to download the updated books, not sure why it wasn’t there for me before. I will follow up with Klemens on the tracking number for the print books. Thank you again for all of your help today.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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