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    Hi Guys,
    At Eric’s advice, I am looking at an ActiveRain account for my blog. However, I do realize that the marketing videos are now a few years old. Does anyone have any feedback on if ActiveRain is still a relevant marketing tool for local SEO? Anyone found anything better?

    Eric Green

    Sabrina, my advice would be to make use of all marketing outlets. I think the blog is still relevant because people looking for help google, and they rank really well. However, I would also do the youtube videos, a newsletter to your existing clients (once or twice per year), I would do some testing with facebook ads, etc. The two marketing techniques I have NOT done is buy lien lists (I think it is too expensive to run the campaign effectively) and pay-per-click campaigns, again because they price per click can get nuts because of those national companies (I have seen up to $50 per click bidding, which is crazy).


    Awesome. Thanks Eric. I am definitely getting on top of all suggested outlets. My social media has grown exponentially in the past month since I started posting at frequent intervals there, and I’ve also started up my YouTube channel. I am just wondering about expanding my blog outside of my current page, and if ActiveRain is still the best format to use for that.

    Eric Green

    The problem with your own blog is it generally does not have the authority with google that active rain does. Remember, Active Rain has almost 300,000 real estate professionals putting out content daily, and google and the other search engines love fresh content. I find my active rain blogs rank unbelievably well. Also, you are marketing to 300,000 other folks on active rain, which is also not bad. For the $199 a year I find it works well. There are some other options like and I am sure others, but activerain still works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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