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    Since last Sunday, I tried to set up my ActiveRain account and kept emailing and created different ticket numbers. But they didn’t send me back with the Activation Email with no response.
    Does anybody know what’s happening with them or know their rep’s phone numbers or other contact information?

    Eric Green

    James I will reach out to Active Rain and see if I can figure out what is up


    Thank you so much for your help, Eric.

    Tate Ensign

    I have had a similar experience since signing up and paying on May 16, 2020. I represent one of the site’s Team Member’s top producing real estate brokers and he reached out to one of The Team of Active Rain directly. My support tickets are still getting no traction and I have not received the confirmation e-mail either. I will circle back after an update is received from my contact.

    Tate Ensign

    The activation issue with the new ActiveRain account was resolved today. I received an e-mail notification that my new account was established. James, I included your name when I replied to the message from the ActiveRain contact, indicating you had a similar experience.

    Gary Massey

    I too had this problem. Active Rain did not reply to several messages that I sent to their help desk.

    John Wood

    I am having the same issue with Active Rain. I created an account and paid $199 for a Rainmaker plan and never received an activation email. I have submitted a few support tickets. I receive a confirmation that my support tickets were received. However, I still do not have access to my account. Does anyone have a telephone number for Active Rain support?

    Gary Massey

    John, I looked everywhere for a phone number, but no luck. And all my emails to them went unanswered. If you have any success or ideas, I would love to hear it.



    I had the same problem last week. Was able to email their support and it was resolved a couple hours later.

    Brian Barto

    I had same problem. I disputed the charge on my credit card and created a blog on WordPress. Done!

    James Cha

    I think this email from Support would give an update to everyone who is experiencing the same problem.

    “The Help Desk has a severe backlog due to the same issue that you’re experiencing. An issue with the servers caused all June activity and data to disappear from the database. At the moment our developers are working on restoring the lost data, but we currently do not have an ETA on when the missing data will be restored back into each individuals’ accounts. We have, however, been informed that all blogs and points would be returned once restoration is completed.”

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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