Can CPA’s Assist with FIling Organizational Documents for Entities?

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    Gary Massey

    Hi, team.

    What are your views about CPA’s offering entity organization services through a company like CorpNet? I am only talking about single member LLC’s or corporations. Partnerships need an attorney.

    Your thoughts???

    Terrence Power

    I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t use a third party, I just file simple documents with the secretary of state here in Colorado. I make sure my clients understand I’m not an attorney and don’t provide legal advice, nor am I qualified to do so.

    I’m in a ski resort and most of our small businesses couldn’t afford to pay an attorney, unless they are in the business of selling real estate.

    Eric Green

    I am not thrilled with the idea because so many clients get into trouble because they use boilerplate documents. For a single owner entity I think it could be okay, but if there is more than one I would advise the client to seek corporate counsel to work through the provisions.


    In PA it is considered legal services to file paperwork for a LLC or Corp so I’ve had to use a 3rd party like LegalZoom. I have done it, I throw in getting the EIN and the PA numbers so I feel like I’m adding some value. But I really feel like it’s a lot of work for not much money and my time is better spent on other things (unless I am going to get the tax work). You could work up a business consultation package with the entity creation but again, most people are not going to pay a lot for it and if they are, I feel like the money is better spent with a lawyer who can draw up a tailored agreement. Those boilerplate agreements are total garbage and generally useless.

    Bryan Haarlander

    We echo Samantha’s comments, especially about PA DOS considering this the practice of law. Better idea. Create a mutual referring relationship between an attorney who can do these filings and the attorney in turn refers tax resolution to you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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