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    I got an email from Accounting Today offering to show me how much other firms are charging for tax resolution, so I wanted to check it out. I had to input my name and email address to open the file, and then about 10 minutes later I got a call from Canopy. Has anyone ever used this product before?


    John Dennis

    Yes, appears to be great product but requires a long learning curve.


    Do you use it, John? What all does it do for you? Is it worth the annual fee?


    John Dennis

    I am currently using it. As I mentioned the learning curve is longer than possibly other software. Planned to discontinue it, but after reviewing others, Canopy pricing is very competitive for what they provide. At this point, I have not fully mastered Canopy.


    Eric Green

    I would not use Canopy – it doesnt actually work. They have pursued me to do webinars for them. I did about a year ago and I taught for 2 hours with a case study and then they did the case study in the software. When we did the dry run their number was off. When we investigated I noticed it did not apply the local housing standard appropriately. After I raised this to them they called me and told me the software did not do that yet. Fast-forward now to Anaheim last month for NATP. Folks at the conference complained that it still did not apply the standards properly. That, plus they outright lie to you (you dont need any training juts rely on the software) strikes me as terrible advice. What do you say to the Offer specialist when they question your numbers? The software told me?
    Use THS. I know the founders of all 4 software packages: Canopy, Pitbull, THS and IRS Solutions, and THS is far and away the best.
    Just my opinion.

    Randall Watkins

    I agree have used Canopy, Pitbull and THS, THS is the best.

    Terrence Power

    I’ve been using both Canopy and THS. I like the way Canopy walks you through the 433 and 656 and has a client questionnaire, but I hate the way it pulls transcripts. THS does a much better job on the transcript analyses. I’m not using the executive version of THS, does anyone know if it prepares the 433 and 656? I hate filling them out using adobe pdf’s.

    I checked the standards on my last offer using Canopy and they were correct.

    Daniel Gibson

    I have used IRS Solutions. Doesn’t have all the bells/whistles of a Canopy or Pitbull, but I’ve found it to be very practical. The learning curve is reasonable short.

    Eric Green

    Funny, IRS Solutions (whom I have never heard of) asked me to try their software out for a test. Was planning to do a new case I have in it tonight.

    Diana Sheltra

    I use THS and love it. I despise Canopy’s sales tactics.


    I do not like Canopy. I took their demo and they kept calling, texting and emailing me to the point of harassment.

    Eric Green

    THS is Use the Codes:

    a. 14-Day Free trial: TAXREPTRIAL
    b. 10% Discount off purchase: TAXREP10


    I’ve tried Canopy and moved back to Tax Help Software and Pitbull Tax. In my opinion Canopy is not now fully developed, but it’s a nice concept.

    Michael O’Leary

    I am looking at THS and Pitbull. Does THS have the same level of features that Pitbull does?

    I am comparing Pitbull 4.0 with THS Executive plus “Resolution Add on”.

    Mike O’Leary

    Jean F

    I downloaded one of their free ebooks, minutes later got a call asking “did it download ok? Right, of course it did, that was just a ploy to open the conversation. Put them off didn’t want to talk to them right then, they called my cell 7-8 times before they went away. Maybe they should spend that energy on the software development instead of trying to convert a dead lead. Not impressed

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