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    Elizabeth Adegbuji


    I’m new to the group and to tax resolution. Could you please tell me if anything can be done for a client who is still paying 2006-2008 taxes but having difficulty making the payments? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Christopher Carmona

    When does the collection statute expire?

    The TPA claims that the IRS is not addressing this issue enough (see link below), I think the IRS has an economic hardship clause that you can use. Anyone else know anything about this?

    Eric Green

    Elizabeth, I would pull transcripts and see how much time remains on the statute. You can always file an updated 433 and request a modification of the payment arrangement or even Uncollectable status. I would pull transcripts, and also get the client working on an updated 433. Once you know how much times remains and what they can pay, if anything, you pursue getting if modified or nixed.

    Elizabeth Adegbuji

    Thank you Christopher and Eric!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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