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    Unfiled 2014-2019 Tax Returns (1040 & 1041’s) Taxpayer deceased (Mar 2020) per Trust documents two new trustees. Daughter trustee for one 1041 and Trust Company for Individual & another Trust.
    POA’s filed but not accepted as new trusteee’s addresses are different from previously filed TR’s. 1) Should we PAPER file 2014-2016 now (with Trustees NEW addresses), get returns processed (6-8 weeks) then either 1) file POA’s after returns are processed (with the trustee’s addresses then on both TR & POA), or 2) Prepare new POA’s with old address (as on file – in order to get discus 2014-2016 with IRS and obtain current transcripts needed to prepare 2018 & 2019 TR’s) or 3) Alternatively, file new POA’s with old address, and once processed, submit change of addresses for three entities (1040 & two 1041’s) to the trustees new & correct addresses?
    Goal is to start the process by paper filing 2014-2016 so as to be eligible to E-File 2017 on and minimize any additional involvement with the trustees but not extended any more delays. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You


    Will IRS mail sent to old address be received? I would think if you e-file 2017 that would update the address, so no need to wait for older paper returns to be processed. Given current backlog, you’re likely looking at much longer than 6-8 week processing time. In October, Rettig said IRS backlog was 5.3 million unopened pieces of mail, of which 2.5 million were paper returns. Although they are trying to prioritize return processing, you will still have at least a million returns in front of you.


    ok thank you, only issue is they won’t accept POA with new address so will have to file POA with Old address to get transcripts to prepare 2017 TR

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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