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    Anyone using an efax type service for sending faxes to the IRS? Curious if this is a viable option,given that it transmits data over email, which of course, is not secure and we are sending TP data in these files.

    Eric Green

    Sabrina we use efax.com and it works fine. If I am on the phone we have a hardline fax so it can go instantly over to the IRS, but otherwise if we scan the documents and just attach them to an email (its how efax works) and off it goes, and we get an email back when its gone through. It also allows us to copy the client so they get the fax as well so they know it went.


    I use Smartfax. It is owned by efax but is a bit cheaper per month. I use it when I am on the phone with the IRS and faxes go through right away. 100 pages per month is $5.99, I believe. That is plenty as I am mostly faxing 2848 and or 4 or 5 pages to OIC examiner a few times a month.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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