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    Michelle Divan

    I am a new EA, and I have a few clients clients already. I need some mentorship with navigating the E-Services on the IRS website. I have yet to successfully be able to access the Transcript Delivery Service. Thought I finally got the EFIN issue taken care of…NOW…I try to pull transcripts and I am getting the CAF Failed error. Some of these are POA’s I submitted two weeks ago…But one was for a POA Submitted back in November! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??
    Michelle Divan; mdivan@mdtxpros.com; 303-250-0122

    Beth Loxley

    I came here looking for the exact same information! I’m not a new EA and have had my CAF since 2007 but am new to the representation side of things. I submitted a couple of POAs online a few weeks ago and am getting failed CAF checks for them as well.

    When I log into e-services and TDS, it gives me the option to select as an Individual or my company. When I select my company, it allows me to access TDS (and thus the failed CAF checks) but when I select Individual, it says I’m not authorized.

    Why can’t I figure this out? LOL

    Marvin Mann

    I tried to access TDS a week ago, and received the failed response also.
    I though I was doing something wrong, maybe IRS is redoing the process

    Michael Duffy

    TDS has a manual component where someone at the IRS has to physically turn on your access. It’s not in the user interface, so it looks like you should be all set, but when you login you just get an error message and get booted out. I had this problem back in May; since October I had my eFile application approved and had the appropriate access to download transcripts, but there was some sort of hold I had to clear. The rep at the IRS indicated the problem was related to the fact I did not eFile returns (I am an attorney and my office files returns under another EIN). This was a problem back in spring 2020 because the call centers were all shutdown, but they have been open since June. You may need to wait on hold a long time. They can clear the issue in about 15 minutes assuming your eFile application is all set.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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