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    Terrence Power

    I’m starting to get worried about the effects of the shutdown. I’m not getting any response to correspondence I’ve sent the IRS. EnQ can’t connect to IRS phones. I’m afraid to fax the IRS or file any offers. What happens if I need to stop a garnishment, or CNC a client?

    I have been certifying all mail I send to the IRS so at least I have proof of submission.

    Just curious what others think and may be doing in lieu of a fully functional govt.


    I would just keep responding in a timely fashion and if an appeal or CDP deadline is approaching, I would just go ahead an prepare and file necessary documents. Certifying all mail is of course the way to go.

    Eric Green

    We are taking the position that all deadlines are still in effect, so just file things in a way you can prove you did/tried. The shutdown, though in some ways a relief (we can just get work done without IRS folks hounding me) is turning into a nightmare for clients. Just hope this stalemate ends soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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