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    Maybe the learned people on this site can give me some direction.
    I used to work for a tax resolution firm. I had hundreds and hundreds of 2848 on file
    I left there, did a FOIA request and cancelled the 2848. After that I was still getting many many notices in the mail each week. I checked the names on the notices and they weren’t on my FOIA list. I can’t stop these notices from coming.
    I started faxing the notices to CAF asking them to withdraw the 2848 and signing it. They just mailed me back the faxes saying it can’t be done that way. I don’t have copies of the 2848s. Company is out of business, now way to get. them.

    Any advice on how to get these notices to stop?

    Eric Green

    Charles I would make another FOIA request for your CAF file and do it again. I am wondering if its possible that someone else is listing you on POAs. I had that once, an EA thought it would be helpful to put me on his POAs. If that doesnt work I would file a 911 with the advocate and explain that you dont know who these people are and ask for a copy of the 2848 and see who else is on it and contact them as to why they listed you. Its what I did. Super annoying!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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