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    This was a question posted on AVVO.

    Can I sue the IRS? Can I get high interest back from IRS for this and what is the approx.?

    IRS has admitted to manually/purposely a staff member of theirs completely change my refunds information. This person change my current husband S.S. number, name and my name ( from marry name to maiden) to my ex husbands information. And as my ex husband owes about $100,000 in child support the state collected my entire refund (about $10,000) and send it to my ex husbands debt with the state (child support). I spoken to child support and they held on to the money until the FED. Government collects it back to give to me, also spoke multiple time in person with IRS and they have never seen this happen and ask me for 30 days to fix it.As soon as 30 days were up I received a letter where it states they need an additional 60 days. HELP!

    Eric Green

    Yes, you can make demand for damages if they refuse then file suit in federal district court. Its expensive to litigate so it has to be serious money.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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