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    Gary Massey

    Hello TRN Team.

    I am looking for a practice management “best practice” to keep track of the stories and status of tax rep clients. I find that it is easy to forget the details if I don’t look into the file for a while. Any suggestions?


    Michael Diyanni

    I am using IRS It is easy to use add notes and track the status of clients.

    Eric suggests Tax Help software, I just havent had the time to try it yet. I think he has a free code to try it for fee.

    I find the most difficult one to keep on track is gathering Financial Documents to complete
    433-A/OIC/B/F ect

    My Process:
    QA/Sent – Financial Questions Document Sent
    QA/Received –
    Tax Prep Progress
    Tax Prep Completed
    Ro Assigned
    CDP requested
    Tax Audit in Progress
    Financial Requested
    Financials in Progress
    Financials Completed/Resolution Pending
    OIC Submitted
    IA Established
    CNC -Status
    PA (Penalty Abatement) in progress/ submitted

    Hope this helps to begin to tailor your process

    James Wade


    My system is a bit more primitive. I have an excel spreadsheet with contact information, date of last contact with client, next two steps to be done (not standardized though) and a line for any notes. I then go down the list and use fill feature to denote which clients I looked at each day so I can tell which ones I have left to work one. I try to look at each client file each week unless in a holding pattern. Not a super lot of cases (28) to manage so not an idea long-term solution but it works for now.

    I put this into place a month ago and much more is getting done than when I previously just had the files in a row and put stickies on the cases which needed attention.

    Jim Wade


    I use a combination of both Tax Help Software (THS) and the primitive Excel spreadsheet. I really like the THS. It allows you to leave notes and/or set future tasks for each of your client accounts. It can automatically pull your client transcripts on a regular basis. You’ll also be able to see the notices submitted to your clients from the IRS. It gives a breakdown of the taxpayer’s payment options including if they’d qualify for an OIC.THS is very efficient software. I recommend at least giving it a try.


    Hi James,

    I am building my tax resolution services although I have a full operating tax practice and I just recently started using Hubspot. They have a free version which acts as a CRM and it allows you to leave notes and connect it to your email server and calendar. I upgraded recently and still getting set up but from what I have done so far within the free version has been helpful with keeping up with tasks related to tax resolution clients.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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