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    I am thinking about doing an ad in my state’s bar journal. I intend to also send out referral letters but I also wanted to get my name out there more generally. The cost of a black and white quarter page ad is only $160 (Maine’s bar journal publishes four times a year). A bit more pricey than ActiveRain’s annual fee but not a lot lot more.

    If anyone has tried something like this, I would love to hear your thoughts. I am working on some language for an ad to make it grab an attorney’s attention. Trying to avoid anything like what is in the yellow pages. Maybe a quick line about a free report: “7 Tax Traps for the Unwary in Divorce” (working title).


    Eric Green

    Jim, the ad should hit things that attorneys would need – “we can resolve the tax issues the bankruptcy didnt”. What you may want to do is write an article: “4 biggest tax mistakes made during a divorce”. Once it comes out post it on your website and send a copy to every divorce attorney within 25 miles of you.

    Make sure the journal allows you to share the articles – most do so long as it is not for commercial purposes and you note where it was published.

    James Wade


    As always, thank you for the sage advice.


    Morris Armstrong

    I think that the idea of focused article is great. I have presented at some seminars for NBI that have dealt with divorce and amazed that things we take for granted may be foreign to the attorneys. Once I mentioned the form 8332 in passing at it was something that really struck with the participants.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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