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    Alexis Sidney

    In 2018 I paid and EA to complete and OIC (Doubt as to Liability) for a 2015 tax year audit. I received communication the OIC was received and can be processed on 3/27/2019. Since then I haven’t heard anything. The POC information on the OIC letter is not working. On 2/7/20 I received a letter 3572 from the local IRS office wanting to schedule an appointment to examine records for 2015, the same stuff the 2015 OIC was file for. I’m not sure if this falls repetitive audit rules or if this is a customary process when an OIC is filed? I’m new to representation…any advice would be much appreciated!


    If I understand correctly, you received an audit letter for a year that was already audited and is beyond the ASED. My guess is the Offer Examiner wants you to provide the documentary evidence to an examiner for it to be reviewed as it may be beyond the offer examiner’s skill set and experience.

    Eric Green

    This is not uncommon for the DATL to be routed back to the original audit group to re-examine the information. If they do and still disagree then you will receive appeal rights.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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