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    Can an OIC be granted if someone has already started making Installment Agreement? Taxpayer owes $6500 in past year taxes and will owe another $4000 with extension on 2019. Full pay is probably not possible. I will do a RCP analysis, but was wondering about being granted an OIC with IA in place.

    Michael O’Leary

    I think so. My guess is that the unpaid $4K would cause the installment payment agreement to default once the return is filed.You might consider the offer before the default extends the CSED.

    Eric Green

    You can file an Offer at any time, so if the client is making their IA payments and decides they want to pursue an OIC they can. The filing of the OIC will end the IA.


    If they will owe on 2018 once extended return is filed and are paying installment agreement on 2016-2017 back taxes, can the new liability be added to the current IA, or does a new one need to be set up?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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