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    Raymond Garnsey

    I faxed my clients’ 2848s on October 26th.

    So far they still have not been processed and I cannot accept their transcripts.

    Is anyone else have long wait times for their 2848’s to get processed?


    Ray Garnsey


    Ogden is averaging 30 business days right now, but there’s wide variability. Memphis seems to be very backed up; some people are advising to fax only to Ogden until they catch up.

    David Boatright

    I faxed one over a month ago still has not processed.
    I refaxed it a week ago. I’ll post when it goes thru

    James Wade


    Same here. Some are taking 3 weeks, some are taking 5 or 6 weeks. I know the IRS is dealing with a lot of backlog so I am hoping that we get a some sort of secure portal to get authorization.

    Good luck with your faxes.


    Ira Levine

    I have had some success by calling the Practitioner Priority Service and faxing it to the IRS employee. Once they verify who you and the client are they sent the transcripts to my e-services mailbox.

    Michael Duffy

    I have a number of Forms 8821 from the fall that still have not been processed. The time for Ogden to process is well over 30 business days. In urgent situations I would use the PPS line and get via eServices.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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