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    Scott Wallace

    I have a valid 2848 on file for a client in collections. My client just informed me that the RO called her directly to discuss a resolution. I have spoken to this RO once and informed her that I am the POA and to contact me only. Never had this happen before. Any suggestions on how to handle the RO?

    Terrence Power

    I’ve been practicing for 40 years and have never seen anything like that. I think I’d ask to speak to the supervisor. I’d also ask the RO why she’s not dealing with you. Maybe the POA was filled out incorrectly?

    Scott Wallace

    Thanks for your reply. The RO told me yesterday that she was contacting the TP because the information she was inquiring about occurred prior to me being the POA. I told her that she needs to talk to me and not the TP and I’ll get the information for her.

    Eric Green

    Scott, the fact that it happened before you were POA is complete BS. That has nothing to do with anything. I would send a fax (always do this in writing) and let her know that from here forward all communications are to go through you. If there is an issue then please have her manager contact you.

    Technically its a TIGTA violation and a violation of the taxpayer bill of rights. It can potentially cost the RO their job, so I would not threaten that yet, but if it happens again so it is now intentional then I would send another letter explaining that to the RO and their manager. The last resort is to file a formal compliant with TIGTA, which is effectively the equivalent of nuclear war, so lets hope that doesn’t become necessary.

    Scott Wallace

    Thanks, Eric. I’m going to wait to send a letter to her manager until the case is resolved. I’ll send over a fax about communication to me though. Thanks for all the information–very helpful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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