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    Hello. Have a client who owes $11,677.85 for 2012. Tax is due to 1099-Misc not being reported and resulting tax liability + penalties + interest.

    TP says she believed that the tax preparer included all necessary paperwork and that the return included the income. The income was the TP’s.

    Return was MFJ, and the couple have since separated. Separation occurred in 2018, no legal separation, there is intent of divorce.

    Spouse refuses to be responsible for the balance due because the income was the wife’s. The Tp (wife) doesn’t want to cause any more tension between them and is accepting responsibility for paying the liability. However, the wife makes minimal income cleaning houses and has offered an I.A. for $100/month, but it is likely to be rejected due to the CSED expires 3/30/2025 and the balance will not be paid in full by then.

    What options are available for the TP? and are there any options for CNC, etc. that will not automatically cause the collection to bounce over to the spouse, which would cause greater distress for the TP?

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