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    Bob Jablonsky

    Taxpayer had a Substitute for Return filed on their behalf by the IRS for several years. They are now attempting to get a loan and not able to pull a transcript. When looking at other clients, I realized that I found the same situation where the IRS had filed a SFR. The account transcript and wage and income transcripts exist buy the Return Transcripts are blank. Have you seen this occur with taxpayers that needed to provide transcripts to 3rd parties, and if so, how did taxpayers provide return transcript info for years in which the IRS filed SFRs on behalf of Taxpayers? Thanks.

    Bryan Haarlander

    At a minimum, I would look at filing original returns for SOL open years and compare to SFRs. If SFR liability is greater, file original returns. Taxpayer can then provide lender with copies of actual returns filed. Eventually, filed returns will be entered into IRS computers. Typical situation where TP ignores the IRS and then wants rep to work miracles due to their self-imposed crisis.


    SFR are not actual returns so there is no transcript.

    Paul Veres

    If SFR results are more favorable you can let them stand, is my understanding.

    If you are not going to file original substitute-for-SFR returns could you maybe tell the lender the truth, that IRS has no tax return transcripts, and offer the W & I transcripts as proof of the income figures? Just thinking out loud here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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