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    Mary Jo Walker

    Is the Streamlined Installment Agreement allowing taxpayers with a tax balance due of less than 100K still in place? The pilot program began in 2016; I can’t find that it was extended beyond Jan, 2019. Thanks

    Eric Green

    Mary Jo it is now permanent but only for campus cases. The field force (revenue Officers) are still on 50K over 72 months.

    Will Perry

    Eric, what is a campus case and how can we tell if we have a campus case or a field case?

    Thanks in advance for explaining this.

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    Lisel Sutter

    I have the same question as Will does regarding Campus vs. Field cases. Eric recently had given me great advice to negotiating a $100k agreement over 84 months for a client. It worked like a charm, seamless and no issues. Everything should be so easy. Thanks for the great advice and input Eric!


    A campus case is when you’re dealing with ACS, while a field case is when a Revenue Officer from a local office has been assigned.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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