Taxpayer being assessed for 1099k income that does not belong to him

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    HI Everyone.

    Have a client that has been assessed for 1099K information from Credit Card Processor that does not belong to him.

    The 1099 does have his correct SSN. He is and has been retired for the past 10 years and only has 1099R and SSA income.

    He has tried to resolve this with the IRS be explaining that this 1099k does not belong to him and that he never had a painting business or a merchant account etc. The IRS advised that he contact the credit card processor and get a corrected 1099K. He called the processor and gave them the account number that shows on the 1099K. The CC processor stated that the account number provided is not a valid account number and they could not assist any further.

    I got a POA from the client and contacted the CC processor To demand a copy of the SIGNED merchant services contract. Knowing that they are not going to have one. I got the same response. Invalid account number on the 1099K that THEY ISSUED. I inquired as to how ELSE they could look up the client’s account information and was informed that the account number is the only way to access it. I explained all the expense and related headache that they have caused my client because of this. Not that they would care.

    I wrote a letter to IRS and explained the situation AGAIN and enclosed an affidavit from the OWNER of the painting business that this 1099k is related to. stating that my client is and has never had anything to do with this business.

    Just got a response back from IRS stating that we need to contact the CC processor and get a corrected 1099K 🙁 Back to square one.

    IRS = Dumb and dumber.

    I really hate for him to pay a PENNY for a debt that is not his so have not moved forward with an OIC-DATL.

    Any advice? Not sure if this is Identity theft or what but incredibly frustrating. I have done resolution work in the past but this has me completely stumped as to how to get this 1099k corrected.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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