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    Hi there. I was wondering Eric if you had a cheat sheet of the codes on a transcript so I could be able to read them and understand what the IRS is saying.

    Two in particular:
    1. I filed a late S Election with the IRS in a 1120S and am waiting to see if they accepted it. I pulled the account transcript last week and it said N/A. The IRS said it was being processed. The account transcript today (3/27) says below the N/A – “599 Tax Return Secured 4/8/19″ Is this a positive sign that the return will be accepted on 4/8?

    2. Collections client. I filed the back returns in December and just filed the 18 one this week. The 2017 transcript says: 971 Tax period blocked from automatic levy program 4/1/2019”. This date is also in the future. Are they saying they are not doing anything yet as of 4/1/19?


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    Eric Green

    Samantha, Audit Detective (Tax Help Software) has this on its website: https://www.auditdetective.com/Transaction_Code_Definitions.html

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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