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    David Ratowitz

    I need a new website hosting recommendation. I currently use Siteground and it has been a frustrating, miserable disaster. I have been able to design a simple website from a template easily enough, but basic functionality like adding the TRN logo or posting a blog article take half a day. Using Siteground I CANNOT link a blog article I’ve posted to places like ActiveRain or other sites. I have all these blog articles I’ve posted over the past year that I cannot get to show up on my website and I have had enough.

    I am looking for a website hosting platform that allows me to 1) design a website w/my name, contact info & bio; 2) link to review sites; 3) link to blog articles, videos, etc. That’s it, I don’t care if it’s in googa-booga or wakka-wakka or whatever design language is ‘best’ – I am not looking to become a programmer or website designer I just want to upload/link graphics, articles, videos, etc in about the same amount of time it takes to upload/link equivalent documents to secure court servers.

    Suggestions please?

    Thank you all.

    Randy Elder

    If you’re looking for something similar to Siteground, look at NameHero.

    I went from Siteground to A2 Hosting and now I’m at Cliudways using Vultr HF. It’s more complicated and more expensive than Siteground but super fast and I pay by the month.
    I had to use a 3rd party for transactional email. I use AWS SES.

    Dawn Whiting

    I use Chalifour Group out of Loudon NH. They will build it the way you want, create security portal and let you make changes or they will make the changes for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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